Tibor Nyilasi
Fine Art
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Vertigo 2 (6/15)

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Hamilton, Canada

Canadian Dollars

ink on paper

21 x 13.5 inches print size

Limited edition of 15 prints. Print #6.



Catalogue No: TNYIL-131

Description: This is a creative self-portrait of Tibor Nyilasi in the 1960’s when he was an art student. He is in his rented room in Toronto, Canada, lying on his bed and covered with a blanket. He is relaxing and reading a book. Above his head is another book on a shelf, and at the foot of the bed is his mandolin in its case. The rented room is a converted living room in a big home which has been subdivided: at Nyilasi’s feet are a blocked-off fireplace and above that, its mantelpiece. On this mantelpiece are props he would have used for still life paintings, including an old industrial signal lamp and bottles, one of which contains a tall dried flower. There are also a few more books, tilting over as though he has just removed the books he is currently interested in from their places in that row. The image in the mantelpiece mirror is a clever reproduction of Nyilasi’s own woodcut, “Vertigo 1945” (TNYIL-129). Beside it is one of his evocative portraits of a man shouting in anger against the brutality of war. This woodcut is a realistic portrayal of how Tibor Nyilasi lived as an art student and immigrant in Toronto, but it also has symbolic significance, as it points out his preoccupation with the horrors or World War Two, which he lived through as a child in his native Hungary.

This woodcut contains a visual reference to TNYIL-129 “Vertigo 1945”