Tibor Nyilasi
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Recent Articles about Tibor Nyilasi

The Hamilton Spectator - "When the past is part of the present," Feb. 14, 2015, on his 2015 exhibition, "Rising Up"

The Brantford Expositor - "Artists Pass the 'Audition'," June 26, 2013

The Hamilton Spectator - "Artist As He Sees Himself," March 5, 2011



Tibor Nyilasi


Articles published about Nyilasi after his death

"War and Revolution: Personal Life Experiences of Hamilton artist Tibor Nyilasi (1936-2015)," in the Hamilton Arts and Letters, issue 11.1, 2018

Portfolio, by Tibor Nyilasi, in Hamilton Arts and Letters, issue 11.1, 2018

"Coming of Age: Artist Tibor Nyilasi (1936-2015)," in Hamilton Arts and Letters Magazine, issue 10.2, 2017

Portfolio: A Selection of Landscapes, in Hamilton Arts and Letters, issue 10.2, 2017

"Life as an Artist Born in a Refugee Camp," in The Record, Jan. 30, 2016


In Hungarian - magyarul

"Elhunyt Kesztölc szülötte, Nyilasi Tibor festőművész"

"Nyilasi Tibor"






Chicago Review – University of Chicago, Vol. 1, 32, #1

Dandelion – Fiction, Poetry and Visual Arts (Calgary, Alberta) Vol. 7 #1

Intrinsic – Poetry and Poetics (Toronto, Ontario), #7 & 8

It’s Only Friday Night – Poetry of Szabolcs Sajgó (illustrations): Annecto Publishing, Toronto, 2002

Még Csak Péntek Este– Poetry of Szabolcs Sajgó (illustrations): Korda könyvkiadó, Kecskemét, Hungary, 2000        

Betrayed Vision – Poetry of Szabolcs Sajgó (illustrations): American Hungarian Writers (Cambridge, Ontario), 1987 

Elárult Látomás – Poetry of Szabolcs Sajgó (illustrations): American Hungarian Writers (Cambridge, Ontario), 1987  

Five Teardrops – Short Stories and Play Script (book cover illustration): by Muzsi Jenő, Argirus Publishers, Toronto, 1966

Magyar ABC és Olvasókönyv (all illustrations) by Dr. Sándor Kostya, Duna Könyvkiadó, Toronto, 1961



The Hamilton Spectator

“The art of making a fine line sing” by Regina Haggo, Apr. 17,1999                                    

“Tibor celebrates 40 years of art” by Jeff Mahoney, Feb.1, 1997                                         

“Those who teach, also can” by Lois Crawford, June 19, 1993                                                

“Mosaic portrait honors late school principal” by Paul Benedetti, June 15, 1991                    

“Global Gallery” by Barry Sandland, June 27,1987                                                                 

“Four will have art in royal collection” by Grace Inglis, Oct. 5, 1985                                          

“Joyous watercolours focus on dance, theatre” by Grace Inglis, Jan. 22,1983                             

“A touch of glass” by Grace Inglis, Apr. 11, 1981                                                                

“Theatre-loving artist gets a double billing” by Grace Inglis Apr. 7, 1979

"Mosaic Mural" Jan. 8, 1977

"Well-known artists featured at galleries" by Grace Inglis, April 15, 1978

"Hungarian artist's strength lies in figure drawings" staff writer, May 11, 1974 


Across Ontario

The Sputnik –“The Tibor Nyilasi exhibit: A taste of Brantford’s artistic history” by Shelby Do, Feb. 5, 2015

The Brantford Expositor – “Glenhyrst showcases life work of artist Tibor Nyilasi” staff writer, Jan. 14, 2015

The Brantford Expositor – “Artists pass the ‘audition’ ” by Arlene Laskey, June 26, 2013       

The Silo – “Winners announced for Haldimand’s 17th Juried Art Show” staff writer, June 10, 2013

Delhi News-Record – “Artists learn figurative drawing from well-travelled expert in field” staff writer, Feb. 3, 1993

The Brantford Expositor, City Page – Canada, March 16, 1987

The Silhouette – McMaster University, 1983

The Independent – “A Hamilton Artist First with Mosaics” Nov. 30, 1983

The Simcoe Reformer – “Lynnwood Arts Centre presents Nyilasi’s work” staff writer, Mar. 24, 1982

The Oakville Beaver – 1981

The Oakville Journal Record – “Line is a ‘living being’ in mind of this artist” by Clara Hargittay, May 6, 1981

Random Scan – “Nyilasi – Living Lines”, staff writer, Apr. 1979

Month MagazineHamilton-Burlington – “Uncle Tibor” by Evelyn Grayson, Sept. 1978

Random Scan – “Are Immigrant Artists Really in the Running?” by Lynn Berry, Nov. 1977

The Entertainer – “A Mosaic Mural for Hamilton” by Evelyn Grayson, Jan. 1977                   

The Windsor Star – “A Nyilasi Tribute to Women’s Year”, by Nora-Jean Perkin, June 21, 1975

The Entertainer – “Tibor Nyilasi” by Evelyn Grayson, May 1974

The Don Mills Mirror – “Under one Roof” by Sheena Mitchie, Nov. 30, 1966


Hungary and Slovakia

Esztergom és Videke – 2016/1

www.oslovma.hu –  Elhunyt Kesztölc szülötte, Nyilasi Tibor festőművész" by Barkanyi Valkan Zoltan, Feb. 2016                                                                                                               

kesztölc.hu – “Tibor Nyilasi: 2015 Interview transcript ” by Barkanyi Valkan Zoltan,  2016

Ludove Novini – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Atelier – Slovakia, 2008

Magyar Hírvivő – Hungary, 2005 Vol III. #8